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Parish Organiztion

Spiritual Father of the Parish : Archimandrite Placide DESEILLE

The Placid Archimandrite (Deseille) was born in Paris in 1926. He is the superior of the monastery Saint Antoine the Large one, located at SAINT LAURENT in Royans (26).

This monastery depends on the Monastery Simonos Petra (Athos Mount). The father Placide Deseille has taught, for several years, Patrology at the "Saint Serge Institute".

He is the founder of the collection "Eastern Spirituality" of the Bellefontaine Abbey. He is the author of several works on the history of the monarchism and the orthodox spirituality in which he is a specialist.

Parish Picture

Priest :
Father Georges EYMARD
Phone: +33 (0)
6 33 11 96 25

Laic person in charge:
Jacqueline HIFFLER